Born in the 90’s, Cappellaro Fruits is a company that is proud to be a family-based company. Located in the Sertão of Pernambuco, today it has an area of more than 180 hectares planted and a great variety of cultivated grapes.

Throughout the year, it generates employment for hundreds of workers and supports important social projects that help in the development of the region. And that’s why the best grapes with or without seeds from the São Francisco Valley come from here, whether for internal or external trade. Browse our website and know more about Cappellaro Fruits.

Our farms are located in one of the largest fruit growing poles of the Northeast, in the rural area of the city of Petrolina in Pernambuco. With a total of five farms and more than 180 héctares destined to the production of grapes, which besides counting on the highly productive climate of the region, it is graced by the waters of the São Francisco River, providing a production of excellent quality.

Cappellaro Fruits has the responsibility to bring to your table, safe and quality food, so we adapt to the global standards of agricultural and food production, counting on the certification of the most competent bodies such as: Global G.A.P. (2009 to 2017), TESCO (2008 to 2017), PIF (2007 to 2013), GRASP (2010 to 2017) and NR31.

Frutec Produtos Agrícolas:
Casa do Adubo:
(87) 3862-2925

Projeto Irrigação Sen. Nilo Coelho,

núcleo 08 - Petrolina - Pernambuco - Brasil

CEP: 56000-000

+55 (87) 3986 2044

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